Keynote Speakers

Amber Simpson, PhD - Memorial Sloan Kettering

Amber Simpson, PhD is a computer scientist at Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) specializing in medical image analysis and computer-aided surgery. She received a PhD in computer science from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Dr. Simpson joined the MSK faculty as the first PhD in the Department of Surgery, where she leads a research lab in machine learning, biomedical data science, and medical imaging. Her current work aims to advance understanding of cancer biology through interdisciplinary integration of multimodal measurements from imaging (both radiographic and histopathologic) and tissue-based assays (next generation sequencing, atomic force microscopy, etc.). Dr. Simpson is a current recipient of an American Association of Cancer Research Career Development Award and recently received extramural funding from the National Cancer Institute.

Penny Gowland, PhD - University of Nottingham

Penny Gowland has worked on developing quantitative MR techniques to answer a variety of biomedical questions at the University of Nottingham for most of her career. She has particular interests in studying fetal development and placental function with MRI and the interactions of electromagnetic fields with the human body. She also has strong interests in techniques for structural and functional neuroimaging at 7T, imaging gastrointestinal function.