Oral & Posters Presentation Information

Guidelines for ORAL presentations

  1. Duration: 10 minutes + 3 minutes questions + 1 min for introduction. Session chairs will be instructed to stick to the time limits.
  2. There are two parallel sessions – please consult the program to make sure you are in the correct room.
  3. A recent version of PowerPoint will be used for the presentations. Other programs (e.g. Keynote) will not be accommodated.
  4. Please upload your presentation on the computer in the appropriate room at least 2 hours prior to the start of your session. You can do this during the early morning registration period or during breaks between sessions. Meeting staff will be available in each session room to assist you.
  5. General guidelines for preparing your presentation:
    • Ensure that all text, figures, tables, etc. are visible in a large conference room (keep font size > 24 pt).
    • Images should be high contrast so the audience can clearly see your findings; make images and data tables as large as possible.
    • Avoid low-contrast color combinations – e.g. red text on a dark blue background, blue on black, pale grey on white etc.
    • Ensure that you have an appropriate number of slides in your presentation. For an 11 min talk, aim to have fewer than 15 slides; fewer if you have slides with complex figures or tables, or if you will show a long animation/movie.
    • Practice your talk prior to the meeting.
    • Projectors are 16:9 aspect ratio. Native panel resolution is 1920 x 1080
  6. Best presentation awards will be handed out at the end of the meeting.

Guidelines for POSTER presentations

  1. All posters should be on display for the full duration of the meeting.
    • Set up time is 7:15-8:30 on Thursday, March 28.
    • Meeting staff will provide Velcro to mount your poster
    • Posters should be self-contained; there will be no access to electrical outlets.
  2. Poster take-down
    • Remove posters between 17:45-18:15 on Friday, March 29.
    • Posters remaining after this time may be destroyed.
  3. Size: 1.2 m X 1 m (48” X 44”); ensure your poster fits within this space.
  4. General guidelines for preparing your presentation:
    • Ensure that all components (text, figures, tables, etc.) are clearly legible at distance of approximately 2 m; a font size > 30 pt is required to achieve this.
    • Images should be high contrast and appropriate brightness.
    • Write just enough to tell your story.
  5. Poster awards will be handed out at the end of the meeting.