ImNO2023 Award winners



Oral Session 1: Ultrasound Imaging

Sean McGrath, University of Toronto

Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS)-Enhanced Drug Delivery for Treatment of Lung Cancer


Megan Hutter, Western University

Three-Dimensional Ultrasound for Investigating Synovial Blood Flow in Thumb Osteoarthritis

Oral Session 2: Neuroimaging I

Jake Hamilton, Robarts Research Institute

Investigating Long-Term Microstructural Changes Following Repeated Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Mice Using Advanced Diffusion MRI

Oral Session 3: Hyperpolarized MR Imaging

Miriam Hewlett, Western University

Real-Time Rigid Motion Detection for Brain MRI Using Spherical Navigators

Oral Session 4: Image Guidance

Natalie Won, University Health Network

Deep Learning-Enabled Fluorescence Imaging for Surgical Guidance: In Silico Tumour Models 

Oral Session 5: Hardware Development

Sam Laxer, Western University    

Integrated MRI Coils and Restraints for Simultaneous fMRI and Fibre Photometry in Awake Mice

Oral Session 6: MR Imaging

Alicia Cronin, Western University

pH-Weighted Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (CEST) MRI Reproducibility in the Spinal Cord

Oral Session 7: Cancer Imaging

Dilakshan Srikanthan, Queen's University    

Identification of Glioblastoma Using Rapid Evaporative Ionization Mass Spectrometry


Edward Wang, Western University

Predicting the Dose Distribution of Multi-Lesion Lung Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Plans using Generative Adversarial Networks

Oral Session 8: Cardiac and Lung Imaging

Patrick Carnahan, Robarts Research Institute    Real Time Mitral Annulus Segmentation from 4D Transesophageal Echocardiography Using Deep Learning Regression


Paulina Wyszkiewicz, Robarts Research Institute    Progressive Airway Wall Thinning and Loss of Total Airway Count after Three-Years in COPD

Oral Session 9: MR and Magnetic Particle Imaging

Josephine Tan, Western University

Sodium (23Na) MRI of the Prostate using an External Butterfly Coil

Oral Session 10: Device Development

Claire Park, Robarts Research Institute   

Three-Dimensional Automated Breast Ultrasound (ABUS) System Toward Point-of-care Breast Cancer Screening

Oral Session 11: Deep Learning

Ayesha Syeda, Queen's University    

Improved Surgical Margin Detection in Mass Spectrometry Data Using Uncertainty Estimation

Oral Session 12: Neuroimaging II

Jack Elkas, Western University    

Choline Changes in the Primary Motor Cortex of People with Mild Cognitive Impairment are Predicted by Dual Task Gait Performance





Pitch-and-Poster Session 1: Ultrasound and Optical Imaging

Tiana Trumpour, Western University    

Extended Views for Gynecological Brachytherapy Using Three-Dimensional Ultrasound Fusion

Pitch-and-Poster Session 2: Neuroimaging

Olivia Tong, Western University    

CT Perfusion Monitored Selective Brain Cooling for Acute Brain Injuries

Pitch-and-Poster Session 3: Hyperpolarized MR and Lung Imaging

Kalysta Makimoto, Toronto Metropolitan University    

CT Imaging Measurements with Machine Learning for Predicting Progression to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in At-Risk Smokers

Pitch-and-Poster Session 4: Image Guidance

Joeana Cambranis-Romero, Robarts Research Institute    

Anthropomorphic Liver Phantom Development for Training and Validation of Surgical Navigation Systems

Pitch-and-Poster Session 5: Image Processing and Machine Learning

Jaryd Christie, Western University    

Feasibility of Computational Realistic-Textured XCAT Phantoms for Assessing Radiomic Feature Stability

Pitch-and-Poster Session 6: MR Imaging

Miriam Hewlett, Western University    

Correction of Motion and Resulting Field Offsets for Susceptibility Weighted MRI Using Navigators

Pitch-and-Poster Session 7: Cancer Imaging

Tricia Chinnery, Western University    

Predicting the Need for a Replan in Oropharyngeal Cancer: A Radiomic, Clinical, and Dosimetric Model

Pitch-and-Poster Session 8: Musculoskeletal and Vascular Imaging

Lisa Garland, Robarts Research Institute    

Synthetic-Mask x-ray Energy-Subtraction Angiography for Improved Cardiac-Stent Visualization

Pitch-and-Poster Session 9: Contrast Agents and Radiopharmaceuticals

Julia Mason, Western University    

SPAAC Incorporation of Fluorine into FC131 Analogues Towards Discovery of CXCR4 Radiopharmaceuticals

Pitch-and-Poster Session 10: Device, Hardware and Software Development

Justin Yang, Robarts Research Institute    

Low-Cost Fourier Ptychographic Microscope for Malaria Diagnosis

Pitch-and-Poster Session 11: Deep Learning

Phoenix Wilkie, University of Toronto    

Creating Better Whole Slide Image Datasets: Quality Control Detection of Out-Of-Focus Patches in Digital Pathology

Pitch-and-Poster Session 12: Cellular and Molecular / Image Guidance

Melissa Evans, Robarts Research Institute    

Visualizing Cytosine Base Editor Activity following Minicircle Delivery using an Activatable Reporter Gene System


Siemens Innovation Think Tank Presentation Awards

First Place

Team 2:

Razieh Enjilela, Toronto Metropolitan University
Edward Wang, Western University
Shanzeh Qureshi, Toronto Metropolitan University

Second Place

Team 5:

Miriam Hewlett, Western University
Zachary Szentimrey, University of Guelph
Joeana Cambranis-Romero, Western University
Charles Yuan, Western University

Third Place

Team 3:

Chidera Opara, Western University
Siddharth Sadanand, Toronto Metropolitan University
Olujide Oyeniran, Western University
Olivia Qi, Western University