Friday March 27th

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5 - Image-Guided Interventions 2


6 - Neurology Imaging 1


Chairs: Elvis Chen and Ryan Alfano


Chairs: Corey Baron and Roy Haast

8:30 – 8:44 5-1

A Novel Approach for Guiding Catheter-Based Interventions

James J Zhou, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre


Translocator Protein in Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: Preliminary findings using the [18F]FEPPA PET radioligand

Sarah Watling, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

8:44 – 8:58 5-2

Automated surgical video annotation on open-source data collection platform

Jacob R Laframboise, Queen's University


Can Brain Activity Predict Manual Dexterity Improvement after Surgery in Cervical Myelopathy?

Alicia Cronin, Western University

8:58 – 9:12 5-3

Symmetric Autoencoder for Tissue Classification of Mass Spectrometry IKnife Data

Alice ML Santilli, Queen's University


In Vitro Characterization of novel PET Radiotracers for the  “Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3 Hypothesis of Alzheimer’s Disease” 

Ashley C Knight, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

9:12 – 9:26 5-4

Validation of a Projector-Based Navigation System for Bedside Surgical Procedures

Colton A Barr, Queen's University


Longitudinal MRI and TSPO-PET: Alzheimer’s Disease Interacts with Subcortical Stroke through Inflammation

Nassir U.N. Al-Khishman, Western University

9:26 – 9:40 5-5

Respiratory Motion Estimates for Catheter Tracking with Undersampled 3D Image-Based Navigators

Jaykumar Patel, University of Toronto


Are Cognitive Deficits in Parkinson’s Disease Associated with Dopaminergic Dysfunction: A Graph Theory Analysis

Alexander Mihaescu, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health


Poster Session

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7 - Musculoskeletal Imaging and Technology


8 - Cardiovascular and Vascular Imaging


Chairs: Adam Waspe and Daniel Lorusso


Chairs: Lisa Mielniczuk and Jill Weyers

10:40 – 10:54 7-1

Validation of 3D Ultrasound for Bedside Monitoring of Osteoarthritis-Induced Synovium Inflammation and Cartilage Degradation

Sam Papernick, Robarts Research Institute


Non-Invasive MRI Engraftment Localization Of Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocyte Therapy   

Moses P Cook, Univeristy of Toronto

10:54 – 11:08 7-2

Four-Dimensional Computed Tomography to Measure Distal-radial and Radio-carpal Joint Congruency Following Wrist Fracture

Puneet Ranota, Western University


Optimizing vasodilator dose to induce hyperemic stress during myocardial perfusion assessment in a porcine model

Jill Weyers, Sunnybrook Research Institute

11:08 – 11:22 7-3

Sparse-view cone-beam CT reconstruction for assessing migration in knee arthroplasty: a phantom study

Rudy Baronette, Robarts Research Institute


Correlation of high-resolution 3D MR-derived gray zone with VT cycle length in a swine model of chronic infarction

Terenz R Escartin, Sunnybrook Research Institute

11:22 – 11:36 7-4

MR-Guided Focused Ultrasound-Induced Blood-Spinal Cord Barrier Opening Facilitates a Localized Increased Uptake of Trastuzumab into Leptomeningeal Metastases

Paige Smith, University of Toronto


Multi-view 3D echocardiography volume compounding for mitral valve procedure planning

Patrick Carnahan, Robarts Research Institute

11:36 – 11:50 7-5

Diffusion Tensor Tractography of Tendons as a Tool for Assessing MRgFUS Ablation

William Chu Kwan, Hospital for Sick Children


A Novel PET Tracer Enables Imaging of the Cardiac Growth Hormone Secretagogue Receptor in a Large Animal Model of Heart Failure

Rebecca Sullivan, Lawson Health Research Institute

11:50 – 12:04


MRI characterization of a novel porous 3D printed metal scaffold

Gregory Hong, Robarts Research Institute


Low-dose CT Perfusion by Sparse Projections in Acute Ischemic Stroke

Kevin J Chung, Western University

12:04 – 12:15


Zoom Meeting Room 1
12:15 – 13:00

Lunch and Keynote Session


Chairs: Rob DeKemp and Nilesh Ghugre


Right Ventricular Adaptation to pressure overload. The Role of Metabolism and Neurohormonal Activation
Lisa Mielniczuk, University of Ottawa

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9 -  Instrumentation and Technology Development


10 - Neurology Imaging 2


Chairs: Ali Tavallaei and Tamie Poepping


Chairs: Sarah Mattonen and Salma Dammak

13:00 – 13:14 9-1

The Effects of Elasticity and Scattering on Tissue Characterization Using Ultrasound Time Series

Justin Gerolami, Queen's University


Exponential Analysis for Magnetic Resonance Relaxation Spectrum using Artificial Neural Networks

Tristhal Parasram, University of Windsor

13:14 – 13:28 9-2

Tuning an RF Birdcage Coil by Varying the Shield Radius

Kieffer J Davieau, Western University


Simulation of Spectral Modification for Suppressing CSF in Oscillating Gradient Diffusion MRI

Kevin B Borsos, Robarts Research Institute

13:28 – 13:42 9-3

Integration of a Real-Time Field Monitoring System for Artifact Correction in Diffusion MRI

Paul I Dubovan, Western University


Characterization of orientation dispersion's effect on DTI using a 3D printed axon-mimetic phantom

Tristan K Kuehn, Robarts Research Institute

13:42 – 13:56 9-4

An Optimised Diffusion MRI Technique to Study White Matter Integrity

Nico J J Arezza, Robarts Research Institute


Beyond the Diffusion Tensor: Validation of Advanced Approaches for Microstructural Diffusion MRI

Naila M Rahman, Robarts Research Institute

13:56 – 14:10 9-5

Microstructural characterization and Visualization a 3D printed phantom using diffusion MRI and microscopy

Farah N Mushtaha, Robarts Research Institute 


Neuritic Architecture Relates to Functional Brain Activity

Christin Schifani, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Zoom Meeting Room 1

14:10 – 14:30


14:30 – 15:15

Keynote Session


Chairs: Amber Simpson and Heather Young


'Making Change: Engineering the Future of Medicine
Molly Shoichet, University of Toronto

15:15 – 16:00

Awards and Closing Remarks