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GE Healthcare:  Tomorrow's MR, the SIGNA™ Premier, an advanced MR system equipped with innovative coil and gradient technology that directly links to cloud-based analytics. It's the future of MR technology and it's ready today.  Visit us and see our latest in Air Coils live on the Exhibits floor!



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7D Surgical is a Toronto based company that develops advanced optical technologies and machine vision-based registration algorithms to improve surgical workflow and patient care. 7D Surgical’s Machine-vision Image Guidance System (MvIGS) delivers profound improvement to workflows in spine surgery, providing the promise of future advancements in other surgical specialties.

ClaroNav (formerly Claron Technology), headquartered in Toronto, is dedicated to the development and global sales and marketing of surgical navigation solutions. Its current product line includes MicronTracker, an optical tracking system, Navident, the leading dental navigation system and NaviENT, a cranial navigation system.

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