ImNO 2024 Award Winners



Oral Session 1: Deep/Machine Learning

Lee Sikstrom, Western University

Innovative Solutions for Tissue Safety: Miniaturized Optical Sensors, Single-Pixel Imaging, and Machine Learning for Neurosurgical Retractors

Oral Session 2: MRI I

Sam Laxer, Western University

An Entirely Noninvasive Restraint for Multi-Modal Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Awake Mice

Oral Session 5: Device, Hardware, Software Development

Alexander Dunn, Toronto Metropolitan University

MRI Motion Phantom of the Pregnant Human Abdome

Oral Session 6: Cancer

Jin-Young Bang, London Regional Cancer Program

Analyzing the Effect of Neoadjuvant Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR) on Pancreatic Tumour Perfusion Using Computed Tomography Perfusion (CTP)

Oral Session 9: Image-Guided Intervention

Laura Connolly, Queen's University    

Photoacoustic Detection of Residual Cancer in Breast-Conserving Surgery

Oral Session 10: Neuroimaging 1

Naila Rahman, Western University

Microstructural MRI Evolution During Adult Mouse Brain Maturation

Oral Session 11: Cardiac and Lung

Daniel Genkin, Toronto Metropolitan University 

Automated Diaphragm Dome Segmentation and Height Analysis for Chest CT Images in COPD

Oral Session 12: Neuroimaging 2

Ethan Danielli, University Health Network

Regional Brain Abnormalities in Resting State Functional MRI Persist Past Symptom Resolution: Preliminary Findings


Mahdieh Varvani Farahani, Western University

Hippocampal Subfield-Specific Volume and Diffusion Changes in Treatment Resistant Depression

Oral Session 15: Deep/Machine Learning 2

Jerry Wan, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre   

Deep Learning-Enabled Quantitative Fluorescence Imaging for Surgery: Application to Post-Resection Residual Cancer

Oral Session 16: MRI 2

Miriam Hewlett, Western University 

Correction of Motion and Resulting Field Offsets for Quantitative MRI Using Navigators

Oral Session 17: Cellular and Molecular

Sophia Trozzo, Western University 

Comparing the Cellular Detection Limits of Magnetic Particle Imaging and Bioluminescence Imaging 

Oral Session 18: Ultrasound and Photoacoustic

Elvira Catalina Vazquez Avila, University of Toronto 

Ultrasound Transducers for Microvascular Imaging with Superharmonic Contrast Imaging: Resolution and Field of View Comparison




Pitch Session 3: Deep Learning

Timothy Yau, Western University    

A Deep Learning Approach to Markerless Tumour Motion Forecasting Based on Optical Surface Imaging and Volumetric 4D-CT

Pitch Session 4: MRI

Jake Hamilton, Western University    

Robust Diffusional Kurtosis Computation Using Oscillating Gradient Encoding

Pitch Session 7: Device, Hardware, Software Development

Bill Wallace, Open Health Imaging Foundation    

Advancing Medical Imaging on the Web: Integrating High Throughput JPEG 2000 (HTJ2K) in Cornerstone3D for Streamlined Progressive Loading and Visualization


Sydney Wilson, Western University

Convolutional Neural Networks for Localization of Radioactive Sources with a Hand-Held Gamma Probe

Pitch Session 8: Cancer

Tiana Trumpour, Western University   

An Automatically Tracked System for Cervical Brachytherapy 3D Ultrasound Imaging

Pitch Session 13: Cardiac, Lung, Image Processing

Alana Lopes, Western University    

Comparing Visual Search Strategies: Pathologists’ Adaptability to Non-Medical Contexts

Pitch Session 14: Neuroimaging

Julia Gallucci, University of Toronto

Neural Circuitry and Therapeutic Targeting of Depressive Symptoms in Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders

Pitch Session 19: Cellular and Molecular

Nitara Fernando, Western University    

Magnetic Particle Imaging Serves As a Biomarker for Measuring Tumour Associated Macrophage Density In Vivo

Pitch Session 20: Ultrasound and Optical

Carla Kulcsar, University of Toronto

Polarization Speckle Pattern Analysis for the Investigation of Optical Properties in Biological Tissu