This initiative was established in response to a request by the Ontario Research Development Challenge Fund (ORDCF) for assistance from the Ontario imaging research community. A plan, or blueprint, which assisted the ORDCF in harmonizing their investments in imaging research, was requested. The following thoughts represented a draft proposal designed to guide and focus discussions on opportunities for imaging research within this context.

The primary authors were Aaron Fenster and Mike Bronskill, and the document arose from discussions within a committee chaired by Barry Hobbs. It was intended for wide and open circulation within the Ontario imaging research community and an open meeting took place on January 12, 2000, at the Sutton Place Hotel in Toronto.

Imaging Blueprint Planning Process (Strategic Plan)

Steps to achieving our objectives required the following:

  1. Consensus on Imaging Network Ontario Objectives
  2. Consensus on Review Process
    The review process was open, responsive, and conducted at an international level. The Imaging Network Ontario assisted the ORDCF in establishing an external Imaging Review Board of highly respected international scientists and industrial representatives to review imaging proposals and to advise the ORDCF Board on funding decisions. Written reviews of all proposals were provided to applicants.
  3. Identification of Likely Foci
    Consensus on the likely foci for programs provided the framework for synergistic proposals exploiting province-wide resources. Part of this road mapping also required development of an approximate schedule for submission of proposals. The result was effectively a strategic plan for the Imaging Network Ontario covering the past five years.
  4. Annual Imaging Network Ontario Meeting
    An annual Imaging Network Ontario open meeting is held to review progress, promote synergy among Programs, and to promote partnerships among Ontario Imaging corporations. These meetings also serve as a forum to share marketing and management expertise, provide a clearing house for trainees, employment opportunities and ideas, and identify opportunities for new Imaging Programs.