About ImNO

The Imaging Network Ontario (ImNO) ensures Canada’s imaging industry remains strong and sustainable by harnessing and focusing the intellectual and innovative capabilities of the medical imaging research community based in universities and research centres. This is accomplished by creating a Network of interdisciplinary consortia that collectively investigate a wide spectrum of medical imaging applications.  

Integrating investigators and research projects within cohesive, targeted imaging consortia facilitates partnerships not only between scientists, but also with emerging or established Canadian medical imaging companies. For more information about the consortia that make up ImNO, click here.

ImNO also creates opportunities for training programs and rewarding, intellectually stimulating careers in medical imaging. A multi-nodal approach within each ImNO consortium accelerates research and cultivates commercially viable leading-edge technologies that subsequently provide opportunities for technology transfer and expansion of Ontario’s R&D divisions. 

Mission Statement

To promote Canada’s role as a leader in medical imaging innovation. 


ImNO’s goal of positioning Canada as an internationally recognized country in medical imaging is strengthened by an annual symposium of imaging consortia. This meeting promotes collaborations, broadcasts career opportunities, informs trainees on diverse imaging applications and fosters a greater understanding of the commercialization process.