Summa cum Laude Abstracts

  • Sachi Elkerton(SIP) – Differentiation of arterioles from venulesin mouse histology images using machine learning
  • Jeff Gaudet(SIP) – Tracking the rejection of 19F-labeled stem cells through signal quenching resulting from infiltrating iron-labeled immune cells
  • Adam Gribble(SIP) –Mueller matrix polarimetryimaging using four photoelasticmodulators for rapid wide-field analysis of biological tissues
  • Margaret Hess(OCAIRO) –Virtual design of patient specific neuroendoscopictools for pineal region masses
  • Amani Ibrahim(B&J) –Image Processing Software for Designing Custom Craniofacial Implants
  • Marta Overchuk(ITP) –HDL-like Nanoparticles for Dual-Wavelength Cancer Imaging and Image-Guided Therapy
  • Mohammad Tavallaei(ICDI) –MRI-Compatible Remote Catheter Navigation System with 3-Degrees-of-Freedom
  • Adrian Tsang(MITNEC) –Changes in white matter structural connectivity and cortical functional connectivity over the healthy adult lifespan
  • Tamas Ungi(ITP) –Breast lumpectomy navigation using an open-source clinical application

Magna cum Laude Abstracts

  • Yonathan Araya(SIP) –Spin-Lattice Relaxation Dispersion using Fast Field-Cycling Magnetic Resonance Relaxometry
  • Stephen Arnott(MITNEC) –Web-based dashboards and other tools for quality assurance and quality control monitoring of multisite neuroimaging studies
  • Audrey Chuung(SIP) –Discovery Radiomicsvia Layered Random Projection (LaRP) Sequencers for Prostate Cancer Classification
  • Kimberly Desmond(SIP) –Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer metrics for assessing early response to stereotactic radiosurgery in human brain metastases
  • Armin Eilaghi(SIP) –RadiomicsFeatures Analysis for Tumor Characterization in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma
  • Esmaeil Enjilela(MITNEC) –Sparse-view quantitative CT perfusion imaging of liver
  • Vinyas Harish(ITP) –Monitoring electromagnetic tracking error in computer-navigated breast cancer surgery
  • Patricia Johnson(MITNEC) –Retrospective motion correction in MRI using spherical navigator echoes
  • Lewis Joo(MITNEC) –Characterization of Microvascular Function in Transgenic Rat Model of Alzheimer's Disease
  • Philippa Krahn(ICDI) –Intrinsic MRI visualizes RF lesions within minutes after MR-guided ablation
  • Elodie Lugez(OCAIRO) –Enhanced electromagnetic catheter tracking with application in high-dose-rate brachytherapy
  • Sarah Mattonen(ITP) –Detection of local cancer recurrence after stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR) for lung cancer: physician performance versus radiomicassessment
  • Evan McNabb(MITNEC) –Localizing FiducialMarkers using Undersampledco-RASOR MRI for Radiation Therapy Planning
  • Mihaela Pop(CANet) –Analysis of activation-recovery intervals from intracardiacelectrogramsin porcine hearts
  • Amy Schranz(MITNEC) –Reduced Brain Glutamine in Female Varsity Rugby Athletes after Concussion
  • Noor Shaikh(ICDI) –Guidewirepuncture forces related to magnetic resonance imaging signatures for peripheral arterial disease plaque types
  • Shawn Stapleton(ITP) –Modulating Nanoparticle Drug Delivery using Radiation and Heat
  • Justin Tse(B&J) –Dual-Energy Micro-Computed Tomography in a Rat HindlimbModel of Osteoarthritis
  • Dan Wang(SIP) –The Application of a Novel Multiplexing Staining Technology in the Breast Cancer Research
  • Ilma Xhaferllari(OCAIRO) –Validating internal and external correlation during respiratory gated VMAT using on-board kV imaging

Oral Presentation Prizes

3rd Place Oral Presentation - Sachi Elkerton
2nd Place Oral Presentation - Daniel Gelman
1st Place Oral Presentation - Amani Ibrahim

Cum Laude Abstracts

  • Rudy Baronette(B&J) –Performance evaluation of a peripheral cone-beam computed tomography scanner
  • Alexandra Blokker(B&J) –Micro-CT Compatible Load-Controlled Knee Motion Simulator
  • Marcus Couch(MITNEC) –Assessing the Effects of Inflammation and Fibrosis using Inert Fluorinated Gas MRI
  • Donna Goldhawk(HF) –MagA-derived MR Contrast Persists Despite Cellular Differences in Iron Metabolism
  • Shahid Haider(SIP) -Single-click lung nodule contouring method using hierarchical conditional random fields
  • Matthew Holden (SIP) -Central Venous Catheterization Curriculum Development via Objective Performance Metrics
  • David Holdsworth(B&J) –Geometric calibration phantom for MRI and CT
  • Jessica Kishimoto(ITP) –Cranial ultrasound in 2D and 3D to guide treatment in preterm neonates with posthemorrhagicventricular dilatation
  • Daniel Lorusso(B&J) –Development and validation of a system for high-frequency vibration of live cells during real-time microscopy
  • Matthew MacDonald(ICDI) –A Simple MRI Scanner Control Technique for Device Localization During MRI-Guided Percutaneous Procedures
  • Raanan Marants(MITNEC) –Clearance of IndocyanineGreen by the Liver during Hemodialysis as a Measure of Hepatic Function
  • Donna Murrell (SIP) -Investigating cancer cell dormancy with cellular MRI
  • Eranga Ukwatta(CANet) –Virtual electrophysiological study using T1 mapping techniques improves sensitivity in predicting adverse arrhythmic events in post-infarction patients
  • Joseph Umoh(B&J) –Micro-CT Validation of 3D-Printed Patient-Specific Components
  • Jason Vickress(OCAIRO) -Prediction of the spatial distribution of deformable image registration error in lung 4 DCT’s
  • Brandon Zanette(SIP) -Gas Exchange Quantification using Hyperpolarized 129Xe and a Clinical MRI System

Poster Presentation Prizes


1st Place Poster Presentation - Eranga Ukwatta

Bone and Joint

1st Place Poster Presentation - Alexandra Blokker

Heart Failure

1st Place Poster Presentation - Damien Goblet


1st Place Poster Presentation - Daniel Gelman


3rd Place Poster Presentation - Yonni Friedlander
2nd Place Poster Presentation - John Baxter
1st Place Poster Presentation - Eric Wright


1st Place Poster Presentation - Margaret Hess


3rd Place Poster Presentation - Edward Taylor
2nd Place Poster Presentation - Leigh Spencer Noakes
1st Place Poster Presentation - Jessica Rodgers


3rd Place Poster Presentation - Ashley Makela
2nd Place Poster Presentation - Derek Soetema
1st Place Poster Presentation - Armin Eilaghi