2017 Award Winners


1st Place

Dante Capaldi, Robarts Research Institute, Western University

Asthma Ventilation Abnormalities Measured using Fourier-Decomposition Free-breathing Pulmonary Proton MRI

2nd Place

Jason Kai, Western University

Investigating the relationship of myelin and axonal white matter microstructure using longitudinal relaxation mapping and restricted diffusion

3rd Place

Daniel Gelman, Robarts Research Institute, Western University

Robotic Catheter Contact-Force Control for Cardiac Ablation Therapy: In Vivo Evaluation

Honorable Mentions

Heeseung Lim, Western University

Longitudinal Monitoring of Tumour pH Gradient with MRI

Androu Abdalmalak, Western University

Bridging the gap between thoughts and actions: a functional near infrared spectroscopy study

Carly Pellow, Princess Margaret Cancer Research Tower

Ultrasound-triggered conversion of porphyrin microbubbles to nanobubbles: Extending cavitation activity beyond the vasculature


1st Place

Maneesha Rajora, University of Toronto

Porphyrin-lipid apoE3-lipoprotein nanoparticles as glioblastoma-targeting theranostic platforms   

2nd Place

Lawrence Yip, Lawson Health Research Institute

Intraoperative Breast Tumour Margin Assessment: A Photoacoustic Solution

3rd Place

Justin Laing, Robarts Research Institute, Western University  

Patient Specific Atria Models for Training and Pre-Procedure Surgical Planning            

Honorable Mentions

Mark Frayne, McCiag Bone and Joint Institute

A Method to Automatically Detect and Measure Erosions in the Metacarpal Joint

Rebecca Sullivan, Western University 

Expression of the Growth Hormone Secretagogue Receptor and Ghrelin in Human Heart Failure            

Dickson Wong, Western University

Improved Glutamate Detection in the Brain at 7 Tesla Using Long Echo-Time Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy