2019 Award Winners


1st Place

Katie Parkins, Robarts Research Institute, Western University

Dual bioluminescence imaging reveals remarkable tumour self-seeding of spontaneous and experimental metastases in mice

2nd Place

Adam Paish, Robarts Research Institute, Western University

Iterative Design of a Small-Animal Hip-Hemiarthroplasty Model for Preclinical Orthopaedic Research

3rd Place

Ajay Rajaram,  Western University

NNeMo (Neonatal NeuroMonitor): A non-invasive optical device for assessing the coupling of cerebral blood flow and energy metabolism in the developing brain


Honorable Mentions

Seva Ioussoufovitch, Western University

Towards quantifying tissue perfusion with dynamic contrast-enhanced near-infrared imaging


Erind Alushaj,  Western University

Differentiating the substantia nigra pars compacta and ventral tegmental area in early-stage Parkinson’s Disease using structural magnetic resonance imaging


Alexander Matheson, Robarts Research Institute, Western University

Multi-scalar Perfusion and Ventilation Defects in Asthma


Mark Asselin, Queen's University

Navigation of the iKnife for intra-operative tissue characterization in neurosurgery



1st Place

Mahsa Bataghva, Robarts Research Institute, Western University

Microvessel Detection in Power Doppler Ultrasound Using Adaptive Singular Value Decomposition Clutter Filtering

2nd Place

Amy Schranz, Robarts Research Institute, Western University

Metabolite Levels Differ in Contact and Non-Contact Sport Female Varsity Athletes

3rd Place

Stecia-Marie Fletcher, Sunnybrook Research Institute

Pulse inversion increases sensitivity to transvertebral acoustic emissions from microbubbles sonicated with short burst, phase shift keying focused ultrasound exposures


Honorable Mentions

Maryam Mozaffari, Robarts Research Institute, Western University

Optimization of pH MRI for Cancer Detection


Riley Bloomfield, Western University

Machine learning functional metrics for recovery path analysis following total knee replacement


Jessica Rodgers, Robarts Research Institute, Western University

Development of a 3D ultrasound guidance system for high-dose-rate interstitial gynecologic brachytherapy


Hui Wang, Western University

Development of a holography camera for non-contact photoacoustic tomography of the breast