2020 Awared Winners


1st Place

Alice ML Santilli, Queen's University

Symmetric Autoencoder for Tissue Classification of Mass Spectrometry IKnife Data

2nd Place

Jessica R Rodgers, Robarts Research Institute, Western University

Localizing high-dose-rate interstitial gynecologic brachytherapy needles intraoperatively using automatic segmentation approaches

3rd Place

James J Zhou,  Sunnybrook Research Institute

A Novel Approach for Guiding Catheter-Based Interventions


Honorable Mentions

TianDuo Wang, Robarts Research Institute

Evaluating survivin-driven tumour-activatable minicircles for prostate cancer theranostics

Alicia Cronin,  Western University

Can Brain Activity Predict Manual Dexterity Improvement after Surgery in Cervical Myelopathy?

Kevin B Borsos, Robarts Research Institute

Simulation of Spectral Modification for Suppressing CSF in Oscillating Gradient Diffusion MRI



1st Place

Daniel Lorusso, Western University

Real-time microscopic imaging of endothelial cell responses to laminar and disturbed fluid flow

1st Place

Allison J Clement, Sunnybrook Research Institute

Micro-Finite Element Modeling of Osteoblastic Vertebral Metastasis Fractures

3rd Place

Derek J Gillies, Robarts Research Institute

Image-guidance Accuracy of a 3D Ultrasound System for Interventional Liver Cancer Therapies


Honorable Mentions

Matteo Bomben, University of Toronto

Synthesis of novel MRI phantoms for the enhanced imaging of intraplaque hemorrhage

Peter Lin, University of Toronto

Co-registered cardiac ex vivo DT images and histological images for fibrosis quantification

Xin Yue Wang, Western University

Implementation of density-adapted 3D projection-reconstruction MRI sequence for sodium imaging of small animals at 3 Tesla

Loxlan W. Kasa, Western University

Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging Goodness of Fit and Estimated Parameter Precision at Varying Gradient Strength in High Spatial Resolution 3T MRI